THREE WOMEN – Lisa Taddeo

This book had so much hype but I really couldn’t understand why people were raving about this book. I don’t think it’s a bad book but I do think that it was marketed in a misleading way. I was expecting to read a book about women’s sexual desires and being empowered by it all. Instead, it was quite the opposite. The stories unfold the miseries of three women and we’re made to feel sad and mad for them. I was expecting fierce, inspiration….just a bit of oomph but it was quite the opposite. I’m not at all bashing the three real women and their stories but I am disappointed that it was way off what the synopsis stated.

Another issue I had was the lack of representation and I think this point is relevant for this book because surely you can’t write about women’s desires and only look at a specific type of woman? This book was supposed to relate to all women but Lisa, the author, only studied three white American women who were pretty much all from the same-ish background. I was also disappointed that after following the three women for ten years I still couldn’t find closure in this book. Till the very end …. I hoped that something would save this book but it never happened.

I suppose what was good about it is that the author writes well. She doesn’t embed her opinions and thoughts so the readers can have their own thoughts regarding how these women were choosing to live their lives. It was also interesting to know that there are relationships that are quite as extreme (for me, anyway) as theirs.

All in all, this is promoted as a book about three women’s desire, but it really didn’t explore that avenue in my opinion. It didn’t reveal anything , or made any comment on female desire.

I gave it a nice 3 stars. She did spend a decade of her life in formulating this book.

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