7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This book had been sitting my in shelf for a long time and I never got round to reading it. I always started on the first habit and life just distracted me but I had no excuse this time. I knew it would be worthwhile because I’ve heard and read so many incredible reviews about it. One to read if you’re seeking to improve your productivity, efficiency and self-growth.

Essentially, Stephen R. Covey provides a structural approach for improving both your career and personal life. But what I like about it is how we provides anecdotes and includes fragments of personal elements to it, which make it relatable and you can visualise yourself applying his teachings in your daily life. The book also goes beyond just the habits and teaches you to be more self-aware and a better person in general.

There’s a lot of golden nuggets that you can take from this book. One of the core messages is the significance of focusing on fixing one self first. Change starts from inside-out. I could feel myself nodding in agreements and underlining so many points that was raised in this book as he dives into the depths of each of the 7 habits. I could sit here and write about how Quadrant II made so much sense, why we should focus on the Win/Win paradigm and the benefits of having an Abundance Mentality but it’s a book that you need to read yourself to really comprehend and absorb each lesson yourself.

It’s a book that I’ll definitely be revisiting several times because now that I’ve read it once I want to remember these lessons for the rest of my life and apply it effectively!

Must Must Read!

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