The Last Mrs. Parrish

It’s been a while since I’ve read a psychological thriller and this book just killed it in the best possible way. It will definitely keep you entertained for a good few days. I went for the audiobook option this time because it was easily accessible and I guess I’m saving the planet this way. Less paper, more trees. Win/Win! (Stephen Covey reference since I’m almost done with his book, which is excellent!).

No spoilers and in short, The Last Mrs. Parrish does not disappoint. It follows a young woman called Amber who wants to marry filthy rich and her eyes are set on one particular man – Jackson Parrish. However, this wealthy hot shot is married but nothing deters Amber. Amber, the home wrecker, comes into play by befriending the wife (yup, she goes there!) and ends up stealing the man. The story gets crazier. You’ll find the narrative start with Amber’s perspective and then the story is told from Daphne’s (Jackson’s wife) viewpoint. This mystery thriller is a page turner for sure.

The book is actually written by two sisters – Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine but goes by the pen name of Liv Constantine. They’ve sprinkled in all the right elements into this book and all the plot twists had me hooked! It’s raunchy, twisted and it will have you woooah-ing at some points. It’s just a very satisfying book to read when you want to forget reality for a good few hours. I also love that it’s a fast-paced story with so much manipulation, deception and power-play going on.

Love Love Love!

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