Thoughts and words

“What you intend is always potent”

Today was Day 2 of my 30 day yoga challenge and this session focused on intentions. It’s true that our intention has the power to directly influence the connection to ourself, which in turn really affects the quality of our practice, whatever that may be. The best part of starting the day with yoga I’ve found is taking the teachings and applying it to everything else I do the rest of the day. A reminder that our thoughts and words help shape our reality was much needed today and during this strange time period.

Funnily, I’m currently reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that emphasise how anyone has the freedom to choose between a stimulus and response, which is part of the proactive model. Everything we pour out to the world is a result of our own choice and we should take responsibility for our output rather than blaming it on the weather, our upbringing, that client who is out there to turn your world upside down or whatever circumstance or condition that make up your list of why things are the way it is for you. I feel like our intentions can really strengthen our values, which in turn develops the choices we decide to make that results in proactive behaviour.
“If our lives are a function of conditioning and conditions, it is because we have, by conscious decision or by default, chosen to empower those things to control us” Making this choice, makes us reactive and to cut it short don’t be reactive guys be proactive! Carry your own weather with you, be value driven. Don’t be driven by feelings, by circumstance, by conditions or by the environment. It’s all down to the choice you make.

Not sure how I ended up from yoga to yelling about being proactive but everything in life is interdependent and interconnected it seems.

Oh and it’s Easter…. Does the lockdown apply to bunnies?

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