The Hating Game

Amidst this discombobulated time in everyone’s life I’ve being finding refuge in a lot (okay a few) of activities and one being reading books. Fiction is great for escapism and The Hating Game did exactly that. It’s a light romantic read that leaves you day dreaming about your own Joshua (phoarrr) and fills your heart with buckets of happiness. This book is silly simple – a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, office romance kind of story but it works great if you’re looking for something heartwarming and it was just what I needed after reading 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. Sure its predictable with the enemies turns to lovers theme but Sally Thorne writes in such a thoughtful style and considering this was her debut novel I found it to be a very impressive book.

The Hating Game is about Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman (both very competitive) who work in a publishing company and they’re competing for a promotion which adds fuel to the fire to their already stressful-hate relationship. The book follows the relationship between these two people, which sounds so-so-lala but it’s the way in which Sally Thorne nails the creation of these characters that have their fair share of angsty emotions but without being over the top. Its cute, funny, witty, engaging and emotional – everything you want in a book.

The way Lucy’s character is written makes her very relatable and easy to sympathise with and contrary to the beginning where he is stand-offish and cold Josh brings a lot of heart and warmth to the book as his story slowly unfolds. You can’t not love the two characters, which makes you love the book.

The negatives? If I had to really dig for criticism I’d say the secondary characters were pretty invisible in the sense that they weren’t developed particularly well. But I guess the focus was Lucy and Joshua so I’m going to say that it wasn’t a big deal!

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