Note: I’m writing this post and fighting some hideous version of the flu at the same time so most of what I write will probably be utter non-readable stuff but I was dying of boredom being stuck inside resting all day so here it goes anyway.

There were times when I thought my friend and I were the only people in Reykjavik. It was pretty quiet apart from that one burger place (that did bomb diggity burgers) where the entire population seem to have gathered to feast. I don’t blame them. Apart from that burger joint, I wasn’t quite into the food (I soon found out that lobster soup ain’t my thang) there as I was into the scenery.

I absolutely loved the marvellous jaw-dropping and iconic waterfall- Gullfoss and enjoyed watching the geysirs erupt at Strokkur. Most of what we did was included in the Golden Circle tour package that we’d booked prior to flying there as part of Iceland Air’s package, which wasn’t that bad to be fair. What was great about this Golden Circle tour was that we got to see the tectonic plates on route. The Blue Lagoon is also a must when you’re out there.

Everything was pretty expensive in Iceland, especially the food! Unless you’re going to be eating hotdogs all day and night from that famous stand where Bill Clinton was supposedly a customer too. I’d rate it a fine 7 – too much hype in my honest opinion. We also ended up in some tomato plantation – don’t ask me how and why. But yeah, skip that for sure. Do check out the incredible Harpa concert hall and you can get a good view from inside too and make sure to go to the top of Hallgrímskirkja for an aerial view of the city.

Also, prepare yourself for the subtle eggy smell that comes with Icelandic water. …Iceland is beautiful still and next time I’d go do a road trip but during summer!

Yes, that red stall is the hot dog place people and all you have to do is google ‘famous hot dog stand in Iceland’ if you want more info.

I was hoping to dig out more photos but sadly these are all I can find for now.

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