The rain was not going to stop me from twirling around Disneyland like a 9-year old girl.

Yes, it was drizzling the whole day….

Disneyland is the only place I’ve been to in France….and of course, it was raining the whole time. Priyashika and I decided to have fun regardless and looked half-dead by the end of the day. We also decided never again to take a day trip to Disneyland but make it more of a weekend thing if we ever go again.

The rides have probably changed since we went and I know the Hollywood Tower was going so I was super ecstatic about being able to go on it before they took it away. Basically, it’s a spooky setting and you sit on this “elevator”, which drops at quite a speed. It had to be one of my favourite rides there and as you can see I was focusing very hard on that laser ride and losing even harder. Space mountain was fun…clearly not scared of rides pffffft. Luckily, we didn’t have to queue too long all thanks to the rain and my heart goes out to all the parents with their little ones (next time buddy ahah!)

Overall, it was a magical day! We went to both the park and the studio starting our day from 10am there and spent about 10 hours exploring with bursts of excitement. Our mitochondria were working at 100%.

This is definitely another one of our birthday trips I’ll cherish forever. Also, they didn’t have Wi-Fi and the only spot was that did was that one Starbucks which was located right on the other end of the park and studio so we had to make multiple Starbucks trips in the rain throughout the day to update our stories…first world problems.. I know.

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