Instagram can be great for location scouting. The platform directed us to a magical camping site situated in the small rocky desert of Agafay – about 35km from Marrakech.

I suppose this was my first glamping experience and I have no shame in saying that I absolutely loved it. The tents were spacious with comfortable beds, lounge area, and the interior was filled with Moroccan themed decors – loved the traditional Berber rugs! It came as an “ensuite shower tent with WC” but I have to admit I prayed my bowels to stay still ( which it did) for the time we stayed there (which was just one night before you judge me). Apart from that everything was cool. We got some sweet treats and Moroccan tea (my fave!) on arrival. I absolutely adored the candlelit communal table where everyone got to feast on traditional Moroccan cuisine and watch the sunset, meet new people and toast to the life we’ve been blessed with.

We decided to do the camel ride during the day. I know there’s a debate as to whether this is ethical or not but learning about how the camels here were treated and being informed in advance helped us make the decision. We had the sweetest guide who made sure everyone was okay and he had such a strong connection with the camels. Obviously, lucky me had the most energetic camel. We went on a long route and got some views of the Atlas mountains. I don’t think I would ever go on one again though.
There are other activities you can sign up for including quad bikes, yoga, etc, if you have time.

This was a completely new experience for me and for approximately £114
(return transfer to Marrakech, breakfast+dinner and camel riding) it was a pretty sweet deal. Just keep your screams at bay when you come across the Scarabeo bugs! They’re massive but harmless so you’re safe. Also, make sure to catch the sunrise – we just about woke up in time and it was beautifulllllll!

We booked through this website:

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