Marrakech was buzzing. All the locals were curious about where we came from and even started speaking a few Chinese words…we get this a lot when we travel. Dam the Chinese travel a lot. But we let them know that we’re Nepali….that’s right people!
Also, you must have Moroccan tea because it is the bomb diggity (you know gunpowder tea-bomb).

There’s a lot to see when you’re in Marrakech. We went to Ben Youssef – the largest Islamic College in Marrakech, which re-opened in 1982 as a historical site. Just like the other hundreds of tourists there we took a gazillion pictures after soaking in the beautiful architecture and design of the building and courtyard.

If you want some content for Instagram then Majorelle Garden is the spot to go to. Many know it as Yves Saint Laurent Garden as he owned the place since 1980. It’s filled with over 30 types of cacti and other exotic plants and trees (the creator of the garden, Majorelle, was passionate about his greens). On your stroll through the garden you’ll also come across the iconic vibrant blue museum with a fountain in front creating the most charming surrounding.

Moving on to Marrakech Museum. It may be small but it boasts great craftsmanship and lots of beautiful tile work. Relaxing music was playing as we walked into the museum and it felt like we were floating into a tranquil safe space that you didn’t want to walk away from. It’s the same feeling you get when you walk into a monastery (I lived with my buddhist cousins for a while and visited monasteries many times).

Next, the souks. If you love chaos, you’ll love the souks – the traditional marketplace in Marrakech where you can find everything, including real swirling snakes! You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished an obstacle course once you’re out. It involves narrow streets, maze of alleys, dodging people, vehicles and cyclists coming from all directions. We had to hold hands super tight so we don’t get separated amongst the crowd.

Make sure to stop at the brilliant Bahia Palace in Marrakech. More colours, intricate designs from the floor to the ceiling capturing the essence of Islamic Moroccan style to create a stunning masterpiece that it is. Again, we took too many photos – door after door, window behind window, toes to sky, of everything!

I have to admit that I’m writing this post with a teeny tiny remaining hangover so I may have babbled or repeated myself several times. But I hope you can tell that I loved Marrakech. It’s a charming place with a lot of buzz. Food (a lot of Tagine) was okay too but personally, I wouldn’t go there for the food. We stayed at Riad Moulloud which was superb but our neighbour did shout across from his room because we were giggling too much in the evening. Good times!

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