The right kind of blues…

I have to admit that I enjoyed Tenerife a lot more than I thought I would. Everyone’s guaranteed to find something to their liking. My favourite had to be the journey to Mt. Teide and Siam Park. Yup! I have no shame in admitting this at all…mainly because I went on TOWER OF POWER and considering I’m pretty close to considering myself an acrophobic that’s a big deal for me. Let’s just say I felt like I conquered one of my biggest fears in Tenerife.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a nice and affordable stay during your holiday then head straight to H10 Las Palmeras. The hotel has everything you need – spacious rooms, comfy beds ( the sound of the waves from the beach 700m away added a soothing touch to my sleep), entertainment, pool, great service ( appreciated the complimentary champagne and chocolate for my friend’s birthday)…just make sure you get yourself out of there to explore the island.

My only regret is not booking the holiday for longer. For someone who enjoys outdoor activities I felt like I could’ve planned more walks and hikes if I had more days left. I guess it just means I need to visit Tenerife again.

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