Love is never meant to be black and blue.
Love is the kindness that you hand out in abundance.
Love is the way you care for the people around you – selflessly and compassionately.
Love is the way you send me words of support and congratulate me for every minuscule achievement.
Love is the reason you continue to wake up every morning with a smile on your face, ready to bravely face the world despite getting the wind knocked out of you.
Love is within you, you are love – you are kind, strong, gentle, loyal, brave and in time I hope you’ll realise this too.
You are not meant to be black and blue because they cannot find love within them and can’t stand the love in you.

Love but leave the one that no longer knows love.


Every time I look back at my photos from Budapest all I can think of is my ass freezing to death (we went early Jan). But my freezing ass had a brilliant time so it was worth it. This was also one of the quickest holiday booked to date…..sometimes you just need to feed your impulsive mind.

We booked our accommodation through Airbnb and it was really cheap for such a great flat. It was situated near the Jewish Quarters and close to most of the sites we wanted to visit.

We pretty much saw every single bridge that we knew of in Budapest – Chain, Elisabeth, Liberty…you name it. Lots of photos were taken of the grand parliament across the river. Szimpla Kert (Ruins Bar) was also on our list to go to….it was really just a crowded bar to me. We had a few drinks there and ticked that one off. My favourite spot in the Buda side had to be Fisherman’s Bastion. It was high up in the hills and we walked it all the way up but our bodies never seemed to warm up. For lunch, we tried the Great Market Hall, which offered a variety of food options so you’re bound to find something you want to try there but it was very busy so be prepared to queue. I’d also recommend a walk alongside the Danube River, where you’ll find lots of shoe sculptures created as a memorial to honour the Jews who were killed in Budapest during World War II.

On the Pest side we went to see St Stephen Basillica, Citadellan… and whatever was on route but sadly I couldn’t be bothered to take photos because that would require having my hands out in the cold.
The last day was pretty chill. We went past Heroes Square and then to the thermal spa where we spent most of our time relaxing and partially dreading going back to reality the next day.


Instagram can be great for location scouting. The platform directed us to a magical camping site situated in the small rocky desert of Agafay – about 35km from Marrakech.

I suppose this was my first glamping experience and I have no shame in saying that I absolutely loved it. The tents were spacious with comfortable beds, lounge area, and the interior was filled with Moroccan themed decors – loved the traditional Berber rugs! It came as an “ensuite shower tent with WC” but I have to admit I prayed my bowels to stay still ( which it did) for the time we stayed there (which was just one night before you judge me). Apart from that everything was cool. We got some sweet treats and Moroccan tea (my fave!) on arrival. I absolutely adored the candlelit communal table where everyone got to feast on traditional Moroccan cuisine and watch the sunset, meet new people and toast to the life we’ve been blessed with.

We decided to do the camel ride during the day. I know there’s a debate as to whether this is ethical or not but learning about how the camels here were treated and being informed in advance helped us make the decision. We had the sweetest guide who made sure everyone was okay and he had such a strong connection with the camels. Obviously, lucky me had the most energetic camel. We went on a long route and got some views of the Atlas mountains. I don’t think I would ever go on one again though.
There are other activities you can sign up for including quad bikes, yoga, etc, if you have time.

This was a completely new experience for me and for approximately £114
(return transfer to Marrakech, breakfast+dinner and camel riding) it was a pretty sweet deal. Just keep your screams at bay when you come across the Scarabeo bugs! They’re massive but harmless so you’re safe. Also, make sure to catch the sunrise – we just about woke up in time and it was beautifulllllll!

We booked through this website:


Marrakech was buzzing. All the locals were curious about where we came from and even started speaking a few Chinese words…we get this a lot when we travel. Dam the Chinese travel a lot. But we let them know that we’re Nepali….that’s right people!
Also, you must have Moroccan tea because it is the bomb diggity (you know gunpowder tea-bomb).

There’s a lot to see when you’re in Marrakech. We went to Ben Youssef – the largest Islamic College in Marrakech, which re-opened in 1982 as a historical site. Just like the other hundreds of tourists there we took a gazillion pictures after soaking in the beautiful architecture and design of the building and courtyard.

If you want some content for Instagram then Majorelle Garden is the spot to go to. Many know it as Yves Saint Laurent Garden as he owned the place since 1980. It’s filled with over 30 types of cacti and other exotic plants and trees (the creator of the garden, Majorelle, was passionate about his greens). On your stroll through the garden you’ll also come across the iconic vibrant blue museum with a fountain in front creating the most charming surrounding.

Moving on to Marrakech Museum. It may be small but it boasts great craftsmanship and lots of beautiful tile work. Relaxing music was playing as we walked into the museum and it felt like we were floating into a tranquil safe space that you didn’t want to walk away from. It’s the same feeling you get when you walk into a monastery (I lived with my buddhist cousins for a while and visited monasteries many times).

Next, the souks. If you love chaos, you’ll love the souks – the traditional marketplace in Marrakech where you can find everything, including real swirling snakes! You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished an obstacle course once you’re out. It involves narrow streets, maze of alleys, dodging people, vehicles and cyclists coming from all directions. We had to hold hands super tight so we don’t get separated amongst the crowd.

Make sure to stop at the brilliant Bahia Palace in Marrakech. More colours, intricate designs from the floor to the ceiling capturing the essence of Islamic Moroccan style to create a stunning masterpiece that it is. Again, we took too many photos – door after door, window behind window, toes to sky, of everything!

I have to admit that I’m writing this post with a teeny tiny remaining hangover so I may have babbled or repeated myself several times. But I hope you can tell that I loved Marrakech. It’s a charming place with a lot of buzz. Food (a lot of Tagine) was okay too but personally, I wouldn’t go there for the food. We stayed at Riad Moulloud which was superb but our neighbour did shout across from his room because we were giggling too much in the evening. Good times!


I don’t think I’ll ever forget Barcelona…..for our neighbour was extremely open about his hobby and so was his window, which was directly opposite our room. The city was fun to explore too and that’s what I’ll be focusing on.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Every year, my gemini twin and I plan a birthday trip and in 2018 we decided Barcelona was the one. The first night was Priya’s birthday so we glammed up and went for a massive meal by the harbour. Lets just say we were sick of seafood by night one and we love seafood!

Priyashika covering her food baby

When in Barcelona, you have to take a photo of the Arc de Triomf and Sagrada Familia so thats exactly what we did. Despite the rain we managed to get some photos we were happy with.

The sun was shining the next day and it was my birthday! We made our way to Park Güell nice and early. It took us just over an hour to walk it but it was a great way to discover all the local shops along the way. Once we reached Park Güell we decided to hike all the way to the top of the park to enjoy a panaromic view of the city. I’d recommend it!

We ended the day by heading to the beach where we just chilled and drank a few Desperados and talked about what to eat for dinner of course. Funnily, we were both craving chips and without any judgement we stuffed our faces with cheesy chips. The best birthday ever.

I came across Magic Fountain of Montjuïc when googling for things to do in Barcelona. It’s located in a beautiful location close to National Museum of Art of Catalunya and it looked stunning in the evening when the lights were all up and the fountain show lit up in all sorts of colours.

Don’t forget to visit the Gothic Quarter when you’re in Barcelona. We also did some shopping at La Rambla and got some fresh seafood and juice from Mercat de la Boqueria – an indoor food market.

On our last day, we decided to look around Parc de la Ciutadella. We didn’t expect much but we ended up having a great time. It was tranquil and complete opposite to the hustle and bustle of everything we’d experienced. You’ll like it if you enjoy nature.

All in all, we had an amazing time in Barcelona and our Airbnb was situated in a great location. The host spoke little to no English and we spoke zilch Spanish but we managed to communicate alright. Us Asians have a way of communicating with everyone it seems from our hand movements to making-up-words that somehow translates to what we’re trying to say. She was lovely and even made us some baked treats!


This “Eternal City” is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and I would go back in a heartbeat.

June is probably not the best time to go if you can’t stand sizzlin’ in the heat but we dealt with the sunshine by indulging in Gelato several times a day. We burned off the calories by walking everywhere (except Vatican City).
Our Airbnb was convenient (I can’t find the link but here’s the location: Piazza dei Consoli, Roma, Lazio 00175, Italy) – close to the metro, Colosseum, good restaurants, clean, cool…basically did the job if you’re not looking to spend much time in the accommodation itself.

Three nights were more than enough for us and we saw everything we wanted to, ate and drank plenty and to be honest I don’t think our legs could take anymore walking anyway. The only disappointment was that Trevi fountain was under maintenance so there was no Lizzie McGuire moment for me. This was just another way of Rome telling me to come back.

My favourite spots:
1. Colosseum 
2. St. Peter’s Basilica- the view from the top of the dome is amazing ( the staircase is very narrow so just be cautious if you’re claustrophobic)
3. The Pantheon
4. Piazza di Spagna
5. Sa Posada – great restaurant



The right kind of blues…

I have to admit that I enjoyed Tenerife a lot more than I thought I would. Everyone’s guaranteed to find something to their liking. My favourite had to be the journey to Mt. Teide and Siam Park. Yup! I have no shame in admitting this at all…mainly because I went on TOWER OF POWER and considering I’m pretty close to considering myself an acrophobic that’s a big deal for me. Let’s just say I felt like I conquered one of my biggest fears in Tenerife.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a nice and affordable stay during your holiday then head straight to H10 Las Palmeras. The hotel has everything you need – spacious rooms, comfy beds ( the sound of the waves from the beach 700m away added a soothing touch to my sleep), entertainment, pool, great service ( appreciated the complimentary champagne and chocolate for my friend’s birthday)…just make sure you get yourself out of there to explore the island.

My only regret is not booking the holiday for longer. For someone who enjoys outdoor activities I felt like I could’ve planned more walks and hikes if I had more days left. I guess it just means I need to visit Tenerife again.